Promote Affiliadds and earn revenues from all around the world! Take advantages from the potential that you already have!


There are a series of tools available to you that will aid in maximizing your potential and marketing strategies:

  • Easy to read reports that will track down the players and movements, providing the easiest way to analyze and also track your marketing campaigns for each sector, managing the revenue generated by them and transferring the amount to your chosen account. These reports will let you see where your profits are coming from and also the activity of each of your players.
  • We have all kinds of plans that adapt to our partners business', providing an easy and safe opportunity to earn money online.
  • You receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the traffic of customers that you send to Affiliadds
  • Aside from all this you also have....
                                       • Online support in the user's native tongue;
                                       • The exclusive possibility to choose between different currencies
                                       • A wide variety of payment methods to choose from.
                                       • Quick, safe and flexible payment method options.