Promote Affiliadds and earn revenues from all around the world! Take advantages from the potential that you already have!



1. What would be an Affiliate Program?

This is a partnership program between two parties, in one side is Affiliadds, and in the other side is a person or an entity that wishes to promote Affiliadds website in exchange for financial remuneration for the new access that this promotional activity generates. In other words, this is an easy way to transform the traffic flow on your site, blog, community or social network in an extra income.

2. How can I promote Affiliadds?

You can promote Affiliadds in various ways, such as placing a link or a banner on your website, blog, wordpress, social networking or even handing out to your friends Promotional Themed Cards (PromoCards).

3. How it works?
You can promote Affiliadds in several ways. Each new User who get to know Affiliadds from your indication, will be automatically associated to your affiliate code. From this moment, all deposits that new user make on Affiliadds will be recorded in your affiliate account, helping to increase your portfolio.

4. Do I have to pay to join Affiliadds ?
No. Affiliadds Club is a program totally free! So now enjoy this advantage!

5. Do I must have a website to join the Program?
Not necessarily. You can distribute to your friends Promotional Themed Cards (PromoCards). Sign up and add a PromoCard campaign type to your campaign and choose a special promotion to attract your guest’s attention. All this will be linked to your affiliate account, besides you give your friend the chance to collect PromoCards of several different models.

6. How do I register?
To register, you will have to fill out the registration form correctly with your real information. At the end of completing the form, please read the Terms & Conditions of the Affiliadds Club Loyalty Program and confirm the registration. It’s Done! From now on you will enjoy the benefits and will be able to earn extra money to spend as you wish.

7. I have a blog, a website and I am a member of different communities, could I promote Affiliadds on each of them in a different way?
Yes, of course you can! Affiliadds Club provides you tools that allows you to make specific promotional campaigns, according to your friend’s profile and to the layout of your blog or website. It also allows the analysis of results and performance of each campaign, alone or in groups. So you can take advantage of most of your contacts, friends and guests. You will find the special models to fit Orkut.

8. I’m already a member of another Affiliate Program, can also join Affiliadds Club?

Yes. Affiliadds Club does not require exclusivity.

9. Is there any website where I can not promote Affiliadds?

Yes, Affiliadds can not be promoted on pornography sites, illegal activities in general, child pornography, sites with content for people under 18 years of age, sites containing any type of social discrimination, racial or any kind of violence to human nature.

10. Can I transfer credits to my guests?

Yes, you can transfer your credits to your guests and to any other Affiliadds user for free.


11. How do I make money of it?
Promote Affiliadds placing a link or banner on your website, blog, social network or community. Give PromoCards (Promotional Themed Cards) to your guests. Each new guest who becomes a new Affiliadds User from your indication, will be associated to your Affiliate account. So, from now on all deposits made by this User on Affiliadds shall be added into your Affiliate account. The more friends and more consumption, the greater your earnings.

12. So how can I earn commission? What is the percentage of commission?
Affiliadds do not limit the maximum value of your commission, the more you invite and bring people to get to know Affiliadds, the more you earn commission. According to the deposited amount of your guests, your commission can get up to 50% of your Total Net Revenue.

13. What is Total Net Revenue?

The Total Net Revenue is the total intake of User’s credits after the following discounts: fees paid to the companies responsible for electronic payment methods among which the credit-card companies used for deposits, credits arising from fraud, promotional bonuses offered by Affiliadds, Negative Net Revenue (Negative Net Revenue from previous months) and also considering deposits, withdraws and transfers between users.

14. What if I have a Negative Net Revenues in a certain month, do I have to pay to Affiliadds?

No. You do not have to pay Affiliadds. In case of having Negative Net Revenue (negative balance) in a given month, the negative value is not carried to the following month.

15. Can I earn commission on my own wagers?

No, Affiliadds Club does not allow Affiliates to earn commission on their own bets.

16. Do I get my commission from my guest’s deposits on Affiliadds?

The value is calculated over the consumed amount (losses) of your guest’s User account. In other words, you earn commission when your guests gamble and lose, having a positive contribution as a result (profit) that they generate to Affiliadds.


17. When do I get paid?

The payment of commission will be on the 20th business day of the following month (Total Net Revenue) under the condition that these values are greater than or equal to $ 50.00 (currency used in the registration). If the commission does not reach the value of $ 50.00, this value will be carried as credit account balance (in to the following month. This will always occur on until it reaches the value of $ 50.00.

18. Why didn’t I receive my commission payment on the 15th business day of the following month?
First, you can check and see on your Affiliate Report of the month that the doubt was discovered, and then check for any special comment, because your Total Net Revenue of the month may have been negative, or Affiliadds may not have completely received payments of bets placed by your guests. If you have any questions send an email to [email protected] .

19. How can I get the values of my commission?
There several ways to receive your commission. It can be by deposit on a bank account, or credited on your User Account, in case you are already a registered User, or  by a Moneybookers account. You may choose one of them at the time of your registration.

20. Can I change the payment method of my commission?

Yes, you can change your payment method by accessing the area "My Account" and changing your "Financial Data".


21. How do I place a banner on my site or my social network (community)?
If you are not an affiliate, you can first sign up. Create a campaign by choosing a name for it. Add one or more advertising materials(banner, link or PromoCard). Choose Subject, Language and the size of the desired banner that best matches the profile of your website or social network. Select the number of advertisements and add to your campaign and confirm it. In your campaign, below the chosen piece you will find the HTML code. Select and copy the area of your choice and put into your website / social network.

22. Where do I choose the type of promotional material to put on my site?

To choose any type of promotional material you need to be registered on Affiliadds Club, if you have not registered, sign up now. Once you create a campaign you can add one or more of the promotional items available.

23. How many times can I change my banners on my webpage?
You can change as many times as you want. We will assist and advise you to exchange banners of your webpage with some frequency to stimulate your customers.

24. Is there maximum number of banners or links that I can post on my webpage?

No, you can put as many as you want.

25. If I do not like the promotional materials can I change them?

No. You may not modify any part of Affiliadds promotional, but if you do so you may be subject to have your account cancellation and / or exclusion from the Program.

26. Does Affiliadds provides custom promotional materiall?

We already have a wide variety of promotional items available on Affiliadds Club, if you have a specific request or concern, please contact us at [email protected].

27. Can I put the contents of Affiliadds on my site?

Yes. But first send us an email to [email protected]. Notify the object of your website and what content you would like to disclose. Send us your URL and we will quickly answer your request.

28. Can I buy keywords related to Affiliadds name on Searching Engines (SEO)?

Yes, but to buy keywords and optimize your webpage you need a prior authorization from Affiliadds. Send us an email describing your intent to [email protected] and the responsible department will review and answer your request.

29. Can I promote Affiliadds if I do not have a website, blog or do not participate in any social network?

Yes. On your campaign, choose the PromoCard (Promotional Themed Cards) type. Choose your favorite theme, the desired language and the promotion that best suits to your guests. An then your are Ready! Give it to your friends and invite them invite them to join Affiliadds. You will earn profit from it!

30. How do I view my clients registered?

Affiliadds Club provides you reports to assist you on managing your campaigns. Log in, enter in the Customer Area on the menu bar. You will see all your registered customers and their information: status, expenses, and favorite games. For the proper functioning of the report you need to correctly copy the source code of each piece without changing it. Our promotional items are hosted on our servers, so do not put them on your server because the reporting of clicks may not work.

31. How can view my commissions?

Log in, click on the Report area and view the progress of each of your created campaigns. With this report you can analyze and manage your campaigns individually and make necessary changes to improve your performance as Affiliate, increasing and optimizing your profits. For the proper functioning of the report you need to copy the source code of each piece correctly without changing it. Our promotional items are hosted on our servers, so do not put them on your server because the reporting of clicks may not work.