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This present instrument aims to regulate all policies applicable to individual and legal people interested in participate in the affiliate program from the site:, hereinafter referred CasinoAmambay through this Adhesion Contract to Affiliates Program, CasinoAmambay Affiliadds, hereinafter called the Agreement, in what concerns the relationship to his Affiliate partner, from now on referred to as Affiliate, where new access will be generated through each new visitor, hereinafter User, from the website, blog, social network or any other URL of the Affiliate, henceforth called , Affiliate Site.

1 About Acceptance

1.1 The Affiliate who accepts at the time of registration, its participation in this program, it automatically agrees with all terms described in this Agreement.

2. About Registration

2.1 Membership Registration must be made through the site, filling completely and correctly all the information requested .

2.2 CasinoAmambay will verify the information offered by the new registered partner and also reserves, at its discretion and at any time, the right to refuse the registration of any partner.

2.3 CasinoAmambay reserves the right to monitor the Affiliate to verify and assess whether there was any transgression to the clauses of the Contract.

3. About the Exclusion

3.1 CasinoAmambay reserves the right to exclude any Affiliate, at its discretion and at any time if suspected some sort of violation of this Agreement.

3.2 CasinoAmambay reserves the right to exclude any Affiliate, if it unduly alters the name, trademark, images, promotions, pages, text, even partially, the promotional pieces or any CasinoAmambay’ authorial rights, without any prior and express authorization.

3.3 In all cases of exclusions CasinoAmambay reserves the right to withhold the commissions that were possibly due, without prejudice to court claiming losses and damages actions, and the Affiliate shall immediately remove and/or destroy any promotional material on its power.

3.4 It is prohibited to inform prices or values of any product from CasinoAmambay, being possible to exclude the Affiliate from the Program.

3.5 CasinoAmambay reserves the right to exclude the Affiliate for publishing in its URL, any material, image, or content related to:

a) promoting pornographic materials
b) promoting any illegal activity
d) giving its content to anyone under 18;
e) promoting any kind of social discrimination;
f) violating copyrights;
g) violating copyright laws;
h) promoting any form of violence to human nature

4. About Promotional Material exhibition

4.1 The Affiliate may publish all promotional material available and offered by the site at its discretion .

4.2 The Affiliate agrees that under no circumstance will use its own material with the aim of promoting CasinoAmambay, without any prior approval.

5. About Payments

5.1 The Affiliate will receive, by way of commission, a payment for the consideration of the promotion and exhibition of promotional pieces of CasinoAmambay. The percentage defined together with the Affiliate will affect the Total Revenue Share that has been generated by users who have registered in CasinoAmambay and/or partners through promotional pieces mentioned.

5.2 Total Revenue Share is the total users’ consumption (loss) after the following discounts: administrative fees paid to companies by electronic means of payment (including credit card administrative companies) used to make effective the deposits, costs and charges on content providers, amounts due to fraud, promotional bonuses offered by CasinoAmambay and balances from the Total Revenue Share (negative revenue share from previous months ), also taking into account deposits, withdrawals and transfers made and received between users.

5.3 The determination period of the Revenue Share is between the first and the last day of each month.

5.4 The commission payment will be made on the 15th working day of the month following to the determination of the profit of the period (Total Revenue Share) under the condition that those values are greater than or equal to $ 50,000 ( in the currency chosen during registration). If the commission does not reach the value of $ 50,000, that value will be transported until the value of $ 50,000 is reached.

5.5 If there is a Negative Revenue Share (debit balance) in a particular month, the negative value will not be transported for the subsequent month.

5.6 Accumulation of Negative Carry Over
Any negative gain that may result from a net profit of a client addressed by the Affiliate, will be transported to the next month applied to the following products: Casino, where the commission will be placed at zero on the first day of each month, in case the Affiliate has a negative liquid income.

5.7 Ring Fencing
The Affiliate who in the occasion has a negative liquid Income due to gains from the addressed customer in one or more products, will just be subject to deduction of income in that specific product, for example, Casino, Hall because CasinoAmambay will implement the policy "Ring Fencing " into the commissions earned on its different products, so as to ensure that members have no negative Revenue Share transported from a product to another.

5.8 CasinoAmambay will consider and make the commission payments over the Revenue Share after invoicing and receipt of all values referred deposited by the users.

5.9 Until the fifth working day of each month, CasinoAmambay will send an email to the Affiliate with a commercial invoice of the commission for the previous month.

5.10 If the total bets (made by users), concerning the commercial of the month in question have not been completely received, CasinoAmambay reserves the right to pay the amounts owed by up to 45 days from the date of receipt. 5.9 The commission payment will be made in the form of deposits in the Affiliate’s current account or as credit on the Affiliate’s CasinoAmambay user account, in accordance with the receipt means indicated during the affiliate registration.

5.11 The currency served as a reference in the payment of the comission is the US Dollar (USD )

5.12 In case the Affiliate has user ( s ) registered in CasinoAmambay in different currencies from the US dollar (USD), it will be performed the conversion of each currency to the dollar ( USD), so the bill of the month in consideration is paid. The exchange rate used for this conversion will be the exchange rate of the previous day before the invoice closing . In case there is great exchange rate variation of any of the currencies to be converted during the month in question, CasinoAmambay reserves the right to use a monthly average of the currencie(s) suffering variation.

5.13 The Affiliate may follow its earnings in real time, by accessing to partial reports available in the Reports area, through its user name and password. In case the Affiliate has User ( s ) registered in CasinoAmambay in different currencies from the US dollar (USD ), the exchange rate used for the issuance of partial reports will be those from the last working day preceding the day the report has been issued . IMPORTANT: The exchange rate used for the issuance of partial reports may differ from the invoice closing exchange rate, so the value to be paid to the Affiliate will be described in the commercial invoice.

5.14 The Affiliate and CasinoAmambay will be responsible for the payment of all taxes, charges and financial contributions affecting their operations and services, according to the local legislation of each country.

5.15 Player Lifetime You will receive commission on the balance for 36 months after the registration that will be split as follows: 24 months according to the defined commission + 12 months with 50 % of the value of the commission defined in the first 24 months.

5.16 Cancellation and/or review of the commission A member who does not contribute with any new depositor for three (3) consecutive months, or whose performance relative to Register x First deposit has decreased, may be subject to a review of its affiliate status with the possibility of decreasing the commission or rescission of the contract.

6. General rules

6.1 Firs six months of the relationship between CasinoAmambay and the Affiliate, as defined in this Agreement shall be experimental. After this deadline, CasinoAmambay may or may not enforce or renew the relationship.

6.2 CasinoAmambay reserves the right to change at any time and circumstance the rules of this Agreement at its sole discretion, by placing notice of alteration or of a new contract.

6.3 If CasinoAmambay modifies this Agreement and, and if the Affiliate does not agree with those amendments, should manifest against them by email, requesting the cancellation of its membership. If the Affiliate does not manifest on the changes, all changes will be deemed accepted.

6.4 The addition of any promotional piece in automatic opening windows like " Pop Ups" is prohibited.

6.5 All content present in is duly registered and owned by CasinoAmambay, and it is prohibited the alteration of any button, image or message contained in the site. Neither may be altered any promotional material, link or banner, in both form and content. Any violation of this clause may lead to civil and criminal action for violation of copyright.

6.6 Acceptance of the Affiliate in this Agreement does not configure the constitution of any society, commercial representation, franchise or employment relationship between the Affiliate and CasinoAmambay.

6.7 The Affiliate is not authorized to accept, make any offer, sell, declare or act in any way on behalf of CasinoAmambay.

6.8 Acceptance of Affiliate in this Agreement does not give any kind of exclusiveness of disclosure of CasinoAmambay.

6.9 Direct relatives such as spouse, father, mother, son, daughter, brothers, sisters, etc. , will not be configured as part of the Affiliate users network, whereby the Affiliate will not receive commission on such Users. In case a suspicious action is confirmed, the respective values will be automatically canceled.

In case the Affiliate has a user account at CasinoAmambay, its bets will not generate commission for its own Affiliate Program account.

6.11 Using domain ( URL) that contains or is similar to the word " CasinoAmambay" It is prohibited to Affiliate. CasinoAmambay reserves the right to cancel any campaign that violates this rule, nor pay commissions of values derived from these URLs

7. Cancellation of Adhesion Contract

7.1 The Affiliate may terminate its membership by notifying CasinoAmambay through site or through email. The cancellation shall be concluded at the time CasinoAmambay confirms the receipt of the communication.

7.2 The Affiliate who wants to request the cancellation of its membership shall remove and/or immediately destroy any material which is under its power.

8. About the Affiliate Obligations
It is simple and exclusive responsibility of the Affiliate all content and information available on the Affiliate Site, except for the material offered by CasinoAmambay, leaving CasinoAmambay exempted from responsibility for any information disclosed by the Affiliate Sit

8.2 The Affiliate must ensure that the content that eventually shows on the Affiliate Site does not conflict with the rules of this Agreement, not infringing any copyright law, image or brand.

8.3 The Affiliate is responsible for the insertion and correct configuration of promotional campaigns on its Affiliate Site, ensuring the proper functioning of the system and allowing the affiliate properly enjoy all the tools and features available.

8.4 It is the responsibility of the Affiliate any violation of law or contract made by its Users or thirds, even if they are somehow related, directly or indirectly, to the Affiliate Site, leaving CasinoAmambay exempted from any responsibility.

8.5 Is the Affiliate obligation to indemnify or exempt CasinoAmambay of any responsibility for unauthorized use of advertising material.

9. About CasinoAmambay Obligations

9.1 It is CasinoAmambay’s responsibility to make the payments of commissions to the Affiliate.

9.2 CasinoAmambay is responsible for the administration, processing and management of the access of users using the site

10. Final Considerations

10.1 All conditions set forth in this Agreement for the involved parties, shall prevail over any other agreement or combination between the parties, even though it is written.

11. Forum

11.1 Any action or dispute concerning this Agreement between the parties Maxxi Media N.V, operator of the site and the Affiliate, shall be decided in the Forum Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles, giving up the Affiliate to the jurisdiction or competence of the justice of its country.